May 14, 2020

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    When you buy a vehicle, you probably want to keep it clean inside and out.  If you have kids and dogs that spill food and bring muddy prints into the car, protecting the floor with mats is a smart idea. Keeping the interior floor clean will help maintain the resale value of the vehicle down the line too. Floor mats and liners can dramatically reduce wear on the expensive-to-replace fitted carpets, ensuring that they still look showroom-fresh when you’re selling your car. Your vehicle’s carpet sees more action than any other part of your interior. From bags of mulch or sand in the cargo area to muddy kid’s shoes in the back seat, your vehicle’s carpet is under constant attack from messes, spills, and wear. If your carpet is starting to stain or rip, a floor liner may be just the thing you need to brighten up your vehicle. Floor Liners and mats extend the life of your carpet by blocking spills and wear and provide you with a practical way to revitalize your car’s interior. From logo mats to rugged all weather liners, these interior accessories offer both protection and style.


    Fully tailored sets can be expensive, however, there are semi-tailored and universal sets. All rubber mats repel water and mud better, whereas carpet sets add an air of luxury. Some sets mix and match the two types in hybrid mats. So which should you go for to protect your car?


    Whether you’re looking for a way to add a personal touch to your vehicle’s decor with monogrammed floor mats or wanting to protect your floors from mud, grime, spills, sand and stains, there is a huge variety of floor mats and liners that provide you with the perfect solution. Ranging from universal and custom floor mats, car and truck floor mats and liners, all-weather floor mats or rubber floor mats to carpet floor mats and clear floor mats, it is hard to decide the right match for your ride’s style. Durable and designed to last for a long time, weatherproof floor mats ensure a perfect fit for your vehicle and effectively safeguard your interior from any potential hazards.


    Which car mat sets offer the best protection for your vehicle’s carpets?

    Stains and Spills


    Life’s little messes can leave a big mark on your interior. Spilled sodas, cool aids and coffee can permanently stain your carpet and decrease your vehicle’s resale value. While these accidents are largely unavoidable, you can at least prevent them from taking a toll on your carpet with a set of floor liners. As you shop, look for liners with raised edges and extra-thick construction. If stains and spills are a part of your everyday life, take a look at All-weather floor liners. These liners are available in a variety of finishes and feature a rugged design to help prevent liquid from seeping through to your factory carpet. These mats are made for all weather materials and feature a spiked bite to keep the mat in place to ensure total coverage in any condition.

    Dirt and Grime


    Dirt is everywhere. It’s on your shoes, on your pet’s paws, and on the tools you keep in the trunk. If you aren’t careful, dirt can sink into and damage your factory carpet. Plus, heavy foot traffic smears clumps of mud and grime into your carpet and ruins your interior. Construction vehicles are especially susceptible to damage from dirt and mud.

    However, you can keep your carpet protected by installing a set of Car Floor Mats.      If your vehicle is exposed to dirt and grime on a daily basis, consider the All-weather floor liners. These liners are made of durable thermoplastic that stands up to dirt, motor oil, and any kind of liquid.

    Every Day Wear & Tear


    Even if you keep your interior spotless, unprotected carpets are still susceptible to wear. Chances are you’ve seen worn-down heel marks on the driver’s side carpet in many vehicles. By simply resting shoes and heels against your carpet, you’re exposing it to harmful friction. Friction grates away at your carpet, leaving it faded, and torn. This wear lowers your vehicle’s resale value and can be very costly to repair. Car floor liners from brands like Lloyd Mats and Husky Liner act as a buffer between you carpet and your feet, and will help slow down the wear process. Many even feature extra heel pads near the pedals to stand up to heavy foot traffic.

    Carpet Floor Mats

    Carpet floor mats add style to your interior and protect your factory carpets from wear and tear. For vehicles in sunny climates, these floor mats and cargo liners can help protect against UV damage and prevent fading. If you need a mat that will meet your every day driving needs, check out Lloyds Mats. These carpet mats come in a variety of finishes to match the rest of your interior and feature an extra-thick design to shield against spills and wear. While these mats are made to buffer against mud and light spills, they may not be the best choice for vehicles that have to endure extreme rain and snow on a consistent basis.

    All Weather Floor Mats


    All Weather floor mats

    If you need good protection against stains and spills, then all weather floor mats are what you’re looking for. All weather mats made from heavy-duty molded plastics will shield your carpets from wear and provide unmatched resistance to water and mud.      Plus, unlike carpet mats, these liners come built with a ribbed surface to keep messes contained on the mat and away from your car’s interior. Whether you frequently drive with muddy boots or haul corrosive materials in your trunk, these mats have what it takes to keep your floor carpet and cargo areas protected.



    Cargo Liners


    A cargo floor liner lets your preserve your factory carpet without taking away the functionality from your trunk or SUV cargo area. Your cargo carpet endures abuse on a daily basis. Over time, messy gardening tools and heavy cargo can leave your trunk carpet looking worn, stained, and ripped. By simply keeping your cargo area covered with a heavy duty liner, you can prevent your daily hauls from causing permanent damage to your carpet. Like floor mats, cargo liners come in a variety of styles and materials to help protect your carpet from corrosive liquids, dirt, and every day wear. If you want a stylish accent for your SUV that will keep your carpet looking great, pick up the Weather Tech Cargo Mat. This cargo liner is custom cut to your trunk and features a raised lip to keep dirt and liquids contained on the mat and away from your carpet.


    Choose Floor Mats That Fit Your Lifestyle

    Before you start thinking about styles and colors, make sure the floor liners you want suit your driving needs. First, think about the weather in your area. If you face rain and snow on a frequent basis, then pick up a set of Weather Tech Floor Mats. These floor liners are constructed from Weathertech’s patented weatherproof materials and feature a unique multichannel design to help keep spills away from your carpet. Weather Tech mats are also ideal for construction workers and contractors who want to protect their cargo area from the messes of the job site. If WeatherTech Mats don’t suit your style, check out Husky Liners Floor Mats. Husky builds their mats out of durable thermoplastic and rubberized vinyl to resist wear and water damage. If your vehicle is under constant attack from the elements pick up Husky Liner Floor Mats. These heavy-duty liners are constructed with rubberized vinyl and feature extra-deep ridges to contain messes of all sizes. Drivers who live in warmer climates may want a carpet floor mat instead of an all weather liner. These mats offer the protection you need, but in a way that adds understated style to your interior.

    Add Style to your Interior with a Car Floor Liner

    Sure, mats and liners protect your interior, but they also let you flex your creativity. If your interior is starting to look worn, spruce it up with a custom logo mat. These mats give you the opportunity to use your car as a billboard for your favorite sports team or university. Collegiate floor mats and pro sports liners come in a variety styles and all the logos are officially licensed. If sports aren’t your thing, check out Lloyd Luxe Mats. These carpet mats are cut to fit the exact dimensions of your interior and feature a variety of popular car logos, including Corvette, Dodge, and Cadillac. You can even customize your Lloyd floor mats with custom embroidered text or fun lifestyle logos.


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