May 14, 2020

    Useful accessories for cars

    Floor Mats and Liners – Every Vehicle Needs!

      When you buy a vehicle, you probably want to keep it clean inside and out.  If you have kids and dogs that spill food and bring muddy prints into the car, protecting the floor with mats is a smart idea. Keeping the interior floor clean will help maintain the resale value of the vehicle […]


    Car Seat Covers – Why Everyone Needs Them!?

    Everyday, drivers use their cars as places to eat, drink, relax, etc.                                                                          However, what we do in our cars […]


    12 V Car Vacuum Cleaners. What You Don’t Know About Them…

    Do you understand the value of keeping a car clean? If you love your car, it is not just unpleasant to see the dog hair and food leftovers inside your vehicle. It is also unsanitary. This makes it a good habit to vacuum your car’s interior regularly, to get rid of germs, bacteria and allergens […]


    12v Air Compressor (Car Tire Inflator)

    What is a Portable Car Tire Inflator (12V Air Compressor)? If you own a vehicle, you know that getting a flat tire is a big inconvenience, to say the least. A flat or under-inflated tire or getting a tire puncture can happen in the worst of moments. For example, when driving, rushing to a meeting […]


    Dashboard Cameras for Cars: My Expert Opinion

    What is a Dashboard Camera (dashcam or dash cam)? A dashboard camera for cars is nothing more than a video camera mounted in a vehicle. Most dashboard cameras for cars record audio and video continuously. These cameras are sometimes called Digital Video Recorders (DVRs). Most of the dashboard cameras are actually mounted on the windshield […]


    About Sam

    Welcome to my website SaSh stands for first two letters of my first and last name. MY STORY Being a car enthusiast since I was a teenager, my dream was to improve cars to drive better, look better (and different), add functionality with additions of helpful, smart gadgets. I was born and lived in […]