May 14, 2020

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    What is a Portable Car Tire Inflator (12V Air Compressor)?

    If you own a vehicle, you know that getting a flat tire is a big inconvenience, to say the least. A flat or under-inflated tire or getting a tire puncture can happen in the worst of moments. For example, when driving, rushing to a meeting or even a trip.

    When you’re away from home and you see that a tire is a bit low on air (or your TPMS let’s you know), having a good 12 volt tire inflator in your vehicle sure is handy.

    Sometimes, this car tire inflator could be a life saver for you on the road without any mechanic shops nearby and also give you a peace of mind whenever you go camping with your family.

    Another critical reason to have a tire inflator is Safety since correctly inflated tires ensure your vehicle handles better making it safer to drive. Properly inflated tires will give your vehicle better fuel efficiency and will reduce your tires wear and tear.

    The tire inflator can also be used to inflate air mattresses, soccer or basketballs, bike tires or anything that requires compressed air.

    The best 12v tire inflator should be lightweight, small, and portable. It should plug-in directly into the accessory port (cigarette lighter socket) of your vehicle or directly to your car’s battery and inflate the tire to get you back on the road again.

    Keeping a good car tire inflator in your vehicle is something that should be important to everyone.

    Important features to look for

    Maximum Pressure                                                                                                                                                                        You don’t need any more that 100-120 PSI, since the majority of vehicle tires require on average 40 PSI


    Most portable 12V tire inflators on the market offer a cigarette lighter socket plug as a source of electrical power while some others require connection to your vehicle battery terminals. Some tire inflators offer high volume output for faster inflation, therefore, require a direct connection to the vehicle battery. For most purposes, socket plug-in is fine.

    Easily Read Gauge

    The gauge indicates the pressure levels and is calibrated for easy to read and understand. Some tire inflators offer digital gauges and others offer preset pressure reading (the tire compressor turns off when the preset pressure is reached.

    Flexible Hose and long electric cord

    Look for a long , flexible hose and long enough electric cord to be able to reach all the tires.


    The device should be portable for storage in the car. This ensures easy retrieval when the need arises.

    Adapter Kit

    The device should have an adapter kit for inflating balls, bicycle tires, etc

    It is of great importance that whatever 12 volt air compressor you buy, should be certified by the ASME. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) certifies the compressor is tested for safety and is secure to use.

    Internet and many retailers offer a wide variety of car air compressors that can help with daily tasks. When looking for an air compressor, its shape, size, design, capacity and technology, as well as its price and utility, are some of the most common factors that will influence your decision.  If you read the post above, you will not risk buying one that does not suit your needs.

    In a few days I will provide you with the best choices based on my own research and my personal experience.

    Stay tuned…


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