July 14, 2020

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    Do you understand the value of keeping a car clean? If you love your car, it is not just unpleasant to see the dog hair and food leftovers inside your vehicle. It is also unsanitary. This makes it a good habit to vacuum your car’s interior regularly, to get rid of germs, bacteria and allergens that might be thriving in the carpet, mats and car seats.

    There is no secret that your car will get dirty sooner or later. Be it a long trip or a short one, your car will get dirty and not just on the outside, but on the inside as well. Cleaning it isn’t such a huge problem, but would you want to spend a fortune using cleaning services?  Therefore, I advise you to read this article about car vacuum cleaners.  They vary in their functionality and prices, but with my help, I promise that you’ll know how to choose the best.

    So, you have decided it’s time to buy a car vacuum to keep your vehicle’s interior clean and proper. If you’ve already done a search on car vacuums, you’re likely overwhelmed by the number of options that are available and finding it difficult to compare one product to another.

    Even though there are a few things to consider when shopping for a car vacuum, your main priority is to decide if you want a corded or a cordless option. You will likely want your car vacuum to be handheld, and it’s size plays a big role in your decision as well. It would be ideal to be able to have the vacuum cleaner stored in your car.

    Choosing a car vacuum cleaner isn’t easy because there are so many different brands and models all competing for your money. If you’re like me, you want to buy the best 12 V car vacuum cleaner available that delivers both excellent suction power and is still great value for the money.

    When I review a car vacuum, I want to take into consideration the price, weight, size, suction power and how it is powered (12 volt DC outlet or it’s own built-in battery).                                                                                                      The main purpose of this car vacuum cleaner is to keep my automobile free from dirt and dust. It doesn’t need to be professional or industrial grade, but it still needs to be high quality to complete the tasks I want to use it for. I could also use it around the house, but my primary reason for buying a new car vacuum cleaner is to clean my car.

    1) How much do you want to spend?

    You can pick up a standard auto vacuum cleaner for under $100. They range from around $20-$80. If you spend more than this, then you should expect to be able to use your new car vacuum cleaner for other tasks around your home as well.

    2) How powerful is the suction?

    Your new auto vacuum cleaner needs to be powerful enough to remove dust and light dirt from your seats, floor mats and trunk area and also any pet hair, if you have a cat or a dog.

    Most handheld vacs are powerful enough to do these tasks whether they are battery or 12 v DC powered.

    The best suction power should be fade-free from start to finish no matter how full the dirt container is.

    3) What type of power supply is best?

    I am concentrating on portable models: cordless and corded only specifically intended for a vehicle use.

    There are usually two types of power supply available, it’s own built-in battery and 12 volt DC outlet. Whichever you choose depends on your own preference.

    Choosing a battery powered, cordless, vacuum cleaner allows you ultimate portability. The battery should have a good run time (10-20 minutes), hold the charge well (3+ months) and be quick to recharge again when it runs out (less than 4 hours).

    These batteries are normally Lithium ion technology as NiCad fade as they discharge. I prefer removable batteries because you can buy a few spares and replace them if the performance starts to deteriorate, although some manufacturers don’t give you this option.

    The best 12 v DC powered corded vacuum cleaners have the advantage of never cutting off during your cleaning time. You can start your task with confidence knowing that the battery isn’t going to run out and leave you with the job half done.

    A 12 volt DC powered vacuum cleaner gives you the most flexibility when cleaning your car. You can keep it on board and use it anywhere. They generally have the same suction power and cleaning ability as the battery vacuum cleaners with the convenience of a continuous power source.

    The car’s interior design

    Cars do not have a similar design in terms of size and the interior make. This is an important factor which ought to be considered before buying a car vacuum cleaner. If you own a big car that hauls the entire family around, you will need a more heftier vacuum cleaner and not the entry-level models. If you have toddlers in your car, packed with their snacks and cereals, they will obviously leave more trash in your car. This calls for a hand-held bagless vacuum cleaner to hold all the debris before it is emptied.

    Always go for top-rated car vacuum cleaners because they have the kind of accessories that can handle any interior design. Some of these vacuum cleaners have  wide attachments which are ideal when cleaning carpeted areas and floor mats.  If the car’s interior is made of leather and/or vinyl, you may need a vacuum cleaner with soft brush attachments. This is the only accessory that will protect vinyl and leather from tearing during the cleaning procedure.

    Power and tank capacity

    When talking of a vacuum cleaner’s power, the main point is amperage. A vacuum cleaner with high amperage will obviously have higher suction power. Power begins from around 12 V, so you should make a choice based on the kind of cleaning that you expect to do. Always remember that more power translates to a greater cleaning ability. 12-volt car vacuums carry as much power as the home vacuums, and assuming that your battery is fully charged, they can run for as much as thirty minutes without draining the car’s battery.

    Reach and design

    Naturally, a car vacuum cleaner will only be rendered useful if it is capable of clearing all dirt and debris from the car. Its suction power aside, consider the important aspects of its design such as attachments. Ensure you go for a vacuum cleaner that has a good reach and extra attachments such as longer hoses and various attachments.

    Other features that you should consider include:

    • crevice tools to clear the debris that accumulates under the seats
    • upholstery/carpet brushes to handle a softer fabric
    • replaceable filters, an important feature for someone who has pets or even allergic passengers
    • long cord. In case you go for a corded vacuum cleaner, it should have at least a 25-feet cord to reach your car from the power outlet.
    • ease of cleaning. The vacuum cleaner should be easy to detach and clean

    In summary, you will be hit by an assortment of vacuum cleaners the moment you visit the internet in search for an ideal vacuum cleaner. While budget is an important consideration, always remember that high-end car vacuum cleaners do not come cheap. If you need a high end car vacuum cleaner , be ready  to spend some serious money.

    I will be adding some recommendations based on my research within the next couple of weeks.

    Stay tuned…



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